Carton Flow Storage - 1140

Carton Flow Storage Features

Carton flow storage is manufactured using inclined roller tracks. These offer optimal storage, and also the easy retrieval of cartons. In addition to helping product rotation, usually using a FIFO system. The cartons are usually loaded during replenishment, at the higher end of the lane. Rolling down gently using gravity towards the exit / pick face, in this case at the other end of the rack. The speed greatly increases, meaning effort required greatly reduces.

By design, Carton flow storage racks reduce manual handling, and also increase storage capacities. As a result they increase the quantity of immediately accessible goods and generally minimise the distance that order pickers need to travel to prepare each order.

Advantages of Spaceguard flow storage

  • Easy stock replenishment.
  • FIFO System (first box in is first box out) improving product turnover.
  • Higher number of SKUs at the front of the racking.
  • Reduced order picking times.
  • Higher capacities and better use of space.
  • Bespoke design and build or retrofitting into existing structures.
  • High capacity rollers – tracks or full width.
Carton flow rollers

As UK manufacturers, Spaceguard’s an ideal partner for the design and integration of carton storage systems into new or existing installations. Including the design and building of more bespoke units. Suiting your specific requirements. In addition to storage systems, we manufacture a wide range of conveyors and workstation systems

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Bespoke heavy duty carton flow storage shelving

Bespoke FIFO Storage

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