Conveyor Belt Tracking Video Guide

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One of the most common conveyor belt maintenance issues is when the belt slips out of alignment and starts to drift off centre. The process of bringing the belt back to the central path is known as conveyor belt tracking.

We’ve previously written a post about what belt tracking is, however we didn’t show the actual process.

As the process to track a conveyor belt is a relatively simple one, we’ve put together a quick additional guide to help you get your belt back on track.

How to track a belt conveyor

  • Ensure the conveyor frame and pulleys are squared off and parallel.
  • Run the conveyor and observe from one end to see which way the belt is tracking (left or right)
  • Increase the tension on the side to which the belt is tracking. For example if the belt is travelling left, slightly increase the tension on the left side.
  • Wait and watch for several revolutions of the belt to see if the adjustment was sufficient.
  • Continue making minor adjustments as necessary, increasing the tension too much or too quickly could cause the belt to move too far in the opposite direction.
  • Again wait and watch between adjustments to allow the belt to settle into its new position.
  • Once the belt has even space on both left and right sides of the pulley and continues to run straight over the course of several minutes, the belt is tracked.

Video guide on how to track a belt conveyor
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