Modular Belt Packing Conveyor System ( Recent Project )

This packing conveyor system we designed and manufactured for an agricultural supplies company. It comprises of a number of workbenches with a modular belt conveyor. Employees can be situated at the benches preparing and packaging products for dispatch. These products can then in turn be pushed onto the modular belt conveyor. From here they can then be collected for further processing or dispatch. Modular Belt Conveyor Features: 6000 x 532 x 900 mm Shaft mounted geared motor Control Panel Photo … Read More

E-fulfilment Conveyor Belt Manufacturers

Spaceguard are UK Conveyor Belt Manufacturers specialising in E-fulfilment conveyor systems Spaceguard are UK based conveyor belt manufacturers, with over a decade of experience in providing reliable solutions to a wide range of businesses. We are one of several conveyor systems manufacturers in the UK, providing specialist advice and conveyor solutions to e-fulfilment operations. Our technical engineers regularly visit manufacturing & distribution sites to assist in the planning and development stages of conveyor system design. We also offer similar industrial … Read More

Increased warehouse efficiency with mobile driven roller conveyors

The customer requirement for Spaceguard mobile lineshaft and 24 Volt driven conveyor systems has dramatically increased. With some of our e-commerce customers, requiring improved operational efficiency throughout the working day. From within goods in, processing and packing. To the loading of carriers. Mobile driven roller conveyor allows systems and processes to be re configured through the day or season to cope with variation in demands, operation and required staffing. Customers have made it clear they require a reliable conveyor solution … Read More

Incline Conveyor Calculators

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Incline Conveyor Calculators When planning for a conveyor system design, there are numerous factors that need to be taken into account. These calculators are designed to assist in working out safe incline angles, conveyor heights, and other useful measurements. The box tumbling calculator gives the maximum angle at which products can safely be transported without tumbling. Please note: These should be used as a guide only. When constructing a conveyor system please seek advice from a specialist.  

How do I setup my gravity conveyor?

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Gravity conveyor setup A gravity roller conveyor is a low cost method of reducing manual lifting and handling. When used in the correct application the perform reliably, giving a long service life. Is my product suitable for a gravity roller conveyor? If it has a flat bottom and the length can be spread over three rollers. The product will go down a roller conveyor. It is important to select the right rollers and construction to make sure the conveyor is … Read More

Belt Conveyors for E-commerce

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Belt Conveyors for E-commerce Belt conveyors for e-commerce are in growing demand as online shopping is soaring. Many packaging and distribution companies are looking for sustainable ways forward to improve ecommerce fulfilment.  Achieving faster delivery to customers is a priority for many large online retailers, this becomes increasingly important towards the end of the year as Christmas approaches.  To improve e-commerce throughput many businesses are investing in automation, which has numerous benefits including the reduction of manual handling.

Choosing the right belt conveyor?

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Look at your products, size, weights, quantities, how and where do you need them moving? Establish where you need to put everything to make it work well for you. For example, link your products. Infeed Conveyor through the Packing Bench on to a outfeed conveyor.   Conveyor belts are ideal for moving various size and shaped products at the same time. If you have variations in the size and shape of your products. A belt conveyor is ideal for you. … Read More

Packing Conveyor Belts

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Packing Conveyor Belts Improve your picking and packing processes with a bespoke designed packing conveyor belt. Packing conveyor belts enhance the picking and packing process allowing for faster more efficient product packing. The use of side tables and extended conveyor side surfaces allows for employees to use the conveyor as a workstation when packing goods, saving time on moving back and forth between stations. The products can be kept in a continual flow, giving a constant supply of items to … Read More

Warehouse Conveyor Varieties: Which is your best option?

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Why do you need a warehouse conveyor system? Warehouse conveyor systems are commonly used to transport boxes, cartons, and pallets efficiently and safely throughout the warehouse environment. They allow for the reduction in manual handling which can be useful if you’re trying to reduce the number of personnel on site.    Speed A typical warehouse or distribution centre should have the capability to quickly pick, pack, and ship products, as well as efficiently store well organised products to speed up … Read More

Out of hours conveyor extension

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Can you extend the belt conveyor for us? Having supplied the conveyor over 10 years ago. (To which it has run trouble free 16 hours per day for the last 10 years) During a site visit the customer asked if we could extend there existing conveyor. By 14 meters, making the new length 24 meters. Without interfering with the packing operation as there are in peak. Of course this also has to be completed out for hours.

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