Bespoke workbench systems manufactured in the UK by Spaceguard


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For bespoke workbench systems design and manufacture, Spaceguard is the ideal partner.

Bespoke workbench systems are designed through a process of working with our clients taking from concept through design and manufacture. From our UK based factory we are able to manufacture bespoke workbench systems to suit your specific requirements.

We offer a multitude of options and accessories to increase efficiency and productivity, in addition to ergonomic user friendly design.

We offer fast quotes on any workbench at an affordable price.



Spaceguard workbenches generally arrive fully assembled ready for work.

However we do have a skilled installation team available for complex systems where required. In addition we also manufacture conveyor systems, and ball tables. Your workbench can be designed to integrate with these allowing for a fully working custom built production area especially made to suit your business.


Our design and sales teams are available to take your ideas through from initial sketches or plans.

They can offer advice on sizes, materials, accessories and also finishes to suit your business application. With over a decade of experience, the Spaceguard team have an in depth understanding of the requirements of a wide range of industries. As a result they will ensure that you get the most suitable workbench system at a very competitive price.


Bespoke Workbench Systems - From Sketch to Render to Completed Product

bespoke workbench systems from concept to product

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Spaceguard is a UK Manufacturer

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