What is a 3PL?

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What is 3PL? 3PL stands for “third party logistics”. This is where the inventory storage, management and fulfilment process of ecommerce is handled by a third party, who has better capacity to store a varied inventory, and take care of … Read More

What is a 24v driven roller conveyor?

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A 24v driven roller conveyor is a type of roller conveyor which is driven by 24V DC motorised rollers. Each of these motorised rollers is responsible for driving a group, or ‘bank’ of rollers. The rollers are joined to each … Read More

What is a Pallet Conveyor?

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What is a pallet conveyor, what are they used for? A pallet conveyor is a heavy duty piece of mechanical equipment designed specifically to automate the transport of pallets. Generally pallets are used for transporting a large amount of goods … Read More

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