UK warehouse equipment manufacturing

UK Warehouse Equipment As a UK manufacturer of warehouse equipment, Spaceguard is able to competitively design and build products to suit your needs. Our range includes industrial workstations, conveyors and also other warehouse equipment. These products all designed and made to fit with your industry requirements.

Andon workplace signal lights

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Andon Workstation Signal Lights In Lean manufacturing Andon refers to any visual display that shows status information on the plant floor. The Andon light Kit from Spaceguard. Provides the necessary components to create an light signal system which will improve productivity. It can indicate line status, show when a team leader or materials are running low. Allowing users to highlight issues, ensuring down time is kept to a minimum. Spaceguard Andon workplace signal lights is a 24V system which allows … Read More

Stainless steel conveyors and workstations

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Spaceguard are UK Manufacturers for food packing and processing conveyors, workstations and tables. Spaceguard is an ideal partner for the design and manufacture of stainless steel conveyors, food handling and automation equipment. We produce a wide range of reliable automation equipment for, product transport, in addition to packing & processing workstations. Suitable for both direct food (and also washdown) or handling packed products. Spaceguard conveyor equipment is proven within food processing and packing environments. Combining high levels of reliability, with … Read More

Flexible process cell – Streamline varying operations

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Faced with limited staff, space limitations and multiple processes. From multiple product assembly, to collation picking and packing. Common problem, Spaceguard resolve for a wide variety of businesses. The implementation of bespoke multi use workstations show large ongoing savings. Allowing flexibility through the yearly peaks and troughs.  Whilst allowing for future expansion. The Wish list Configure to multi process production line cell. Configure to Lean packing workstation, with product take away. Packing materials storage. Lean process tools & layout. Wipe … Read More

Urgent robust packing bench requirement manufactured and delivered within a week

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70off Industrial packing benches manufactured and delivered within a week. Even well planned operations,still have the occasional urgent requirement. As a UK manufacturer, been able to respond to customers is of the utmost importance. The investment made in CNC machines has made it possible to deliver well engineered, robust well engineered packing benches on a quick delivery. A big help when these urgent requirements come along. To manufacture a large quantity of packing benches quickly for a customer. Who needs … Read More

Well designed packing stations reduce process times.

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Spaceguard, UK manufacturers of robust welded. Standard and bespoke packing stations. Phone: 01482 363445 email: Standard packing stations Standard welded frame packing stations, built to suit your specific requirements. Offer higher durability than flat packed variants. Whether your requirement is for one off or one hundred. Spaceguard are the ideal manufacturing partner. Building pack benches to your specific required size. Standard pack stations are available as standard with option including upper and low shelves. packing material holders and cutters. built … Read More

Position products with ball transfer tables

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Ball transfer tables use multi directional bearings. a larger ball, supported by smaller ball bearings. Allowing products to be moved around in all directions. Making them ideal for convenient product positioning, 90° corner turns and parts requiring to be rotated.

Reduce labour and retain your best workers

Whether you operate a factory, warehouse or fulfillment center. Good quality labour is often in short supply. As demands go up, workers — particularly skilled, motivated, productive ones — are often difficult to find and hard to retain. With E-commerce having transformed businesses, this has escalated the demand for pickers, packers and assembly workers. With peaks and troughs associated with product demands. What can you do to cope with these issues? Without drastically increasing temporary labour (which need to be … Read More

Bombproof workshop workbenches

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“Spaceguard: Working with customers to deliver custom heavy duty industrial workshop workbenches to bespoke specifications” In many applications, workshop workbenches are a large investment. The need to be ascetically pleasing along with robustness to give long life. These benches, supplied to the air force, which are designed to be very robust whilst been in keeping with the clean design of a new workshop. Specifically designed for airplane arms maintenance. Having to be robust and anti static, whilst keeping in fitting … Read More

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