Gravity Conveyor Systems – Benefits for Different Industries

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  Gravity Conveyor Systems – A Cost Effective Solution for a wide range of Industries   What are gravity conveyor systems? Gravity conveyor systems, a number of efficient pieces of equipment popularly used for transporting physical goods. Often particularly useful for packing industries. For example, to transport boxes and cartons through warehouses. Being non-powered, it makes them a cost effective and popular solution for material handling industries. The materials can simply travel by manual force or through the help of … Read More

Belt Conveyor Tracking

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What is belt conveyor tracking? Belt conveyor tracking is the practice of keeping the conveyor belt travelling along the path as it is required. A conveyor belt should not drift off path as it would cause the conveyor to work incorrectly. When installing a new belt there can often be tracking issues, these require adjustments to counter any tracking problems to ensure the conveyor maintains optimal performance. It is best practice to do any belt tracking adjustments whilst the belt … Read More

Gravity Conveyor Installation

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Things to consider when installing a Gravity Conveyor Conveyors set up correctly allow for optimal product flow. A Gravity Conveyor setup is usually dependent on product weights. Gravity roller conveyors are generally installed on a decline, with the infeed at the higher point so that the product is conveyed downwards to the discharge point. A Gravity Conveyor installation done correctly can mean smooth, safe and simple operation with lessened risks for product damage and an increase in overall performance.   … Read More

What Type Of Conveyor Do I Need?

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To see more information about our Flexible / Expandable conveyors, please click here. What if I’m still not sure what type of conveyor I need? No problem. Here at Spaceguard, we have in depth experience of all the different conveyor types. We manufacture them as both standard, and also to customer specification. If you have seen something on our website that might be your ideal conveyor solution but you’re still not sure, get in touch and we can advise you … Read More

Industrial workshop equipment

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UK Built, Robust industrial workshop equipment Manufacturing in the UK a wide range of robust, pre-assembled workshop equipment. All equipment arrives assembled ready for positioning. Industrial workbenches Welded frame industrial workshop equipment, provides the ideal balance between aesthetically pleasing functional equipment, whilst being robust and long lasting. Built to suit your specifications. using only quality materials and processes ensures durable equipment is supplied. Designed an manufactured to suit your specific loading and requirements.

Employee testing Station

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Fever Testing Station £499.95 Free mainland UK delivery Spaceguard manufacture a base welfare testing station. Which has been supplied into warehouses to allow the temperature testing of staff and visitors. To be carried out safely from behind the barrier. This very simple addition enables operating companies to take a precautionary procedure. Taking the temperatures of there staff prior to there shift. These pods which is part of Spaceguard’s range of barriers. Is delivered to site fully assembled. Free mainland UK … Read More

Workbench design

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Well designed, robust workbenches improve your productivity and working environment. Terminology Whether you call it a workbench, workstation, worktable or any other combination. It is essentially the same. The only difference maybe should be the function carried out, will depend on the layout and design of the bench. A bench which is designed for the function will produce savings in process times, improve ergonomics and generally be a nicer place to work.

Factory walkway barriers

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Factory walkway barriers provide a aesthetically pleasing walkway protection. Providing constrained safe routes through production areas. Working with clients to deliver complimenting barriers to the surroundings. To keep footfall within the walkway and out of the production zones. Bespoke manufactured barriers and installed by Spaceguard. are also often used to define specific work spaces where  industrial workbenches or conveyors are used. Also providing additional pedestrian safety.

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