Antistatic polyetheylene

Polyethylene PE1000 – Electrically conductive

Anti static workstation material Polyethylene PE1000 sheet – UHMW electrically conductive is an electrostatic dissipative material providing a surface resistance of < 105Ω. This helps to provide dissipation of static charges and provide protection from electrostatic discharge. It is primarily used within the chemical, aerospace, mechanical engineering and power station industries.

Key Features: 

  • Electrically conductive.
  • Highly resistant to bending and impact.
  • Good wear characteristics and chemical stability.
  • Highly resistant to cold with no moisture absorption.

Spaceguard can manufacture your Anti Static or ESD workstations to your specification. We have numerous options available to ensure your work area is suitable for your application.

Example Anti static workstation from Spaceguard

We also supply Electrical Workbenches and ESD Workbenches.

Anti Static Workstation