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24 Volt powered roller conveyors manufactured by Spaceguard are available as both fixed drive transportation conveyors and Zero line pressure powered accumulation conveyors.

Fixed drive transport conveyor
Ideal for transportation of unit loads such as cartons or totes. This conveyor uses 24-volt self-contained motors to drive groups of rollers transporting the product down the conveyor. With fewer moving parts than traditional motors, the 24 Volt driven conveyor requires less maintenance and is safer for users.

Zero pressure accumulation
24 Volt Zero pressure accumulation powered conveyors use photo electric cells and zone control cards to hold products in place along the line until the zone in front of them is clear. The zero pressure accumulation conveyor uses 24-volt motorised rollers to move the rollers in each zone.

Spaceguard is able to work with your business to suit all your powered roller conveyor needs. Please contact our knowledgeable sales team to discuss your requirements. Spaceguard also offers gravity roller conveyors in addition to powered varieties, as well as flexible conveyors, and also bespoke options.

Conveyor load
0 to 50 kg/m
Conveyor Speed
1 to 60 m/min
Roller pitch

75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm

Operating temperature

+5° to 40°C

Driven roller straight and bend
Fixed driven driven roller conveyor
Modular driven roller conveyor
Lean packing with powered roller conveyor take away

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